Butterfly Arc: the Butterfly house and Fairy wood

After more than twenty years the butterfly house has become the place for new parents to bring their own children, after they themselves had visited it when they were young. This is only an indication of how much the experience of being able to come into direct contact with butterflies can remain alive in the hearts of people. The butterflies of Butterfly Arc belong to the tropical habitats of Africa, Asia and America and arrive weekly from their countries of origin in the form of a chrysalis. The caterpillars, before they became chrysalises, have been bred by local breeders.

Butterfly Arc Montegrotto
butterfly arc

On the one hand this protects the natural environment of the butterfly, and on the other hand means the breeders can survive thanks to the sale of the chrysalises. Beyond the tropical greenhouses the route heads towards the Fairy Wood where visitors can immerse themselves in an enchanted environment, where they can trace fables and legends of popular fantasies and traditions. During national holidays it is possible to have your face painted like a butterfly and participate in interactive laboratories.



Butterfly Arc.

Via degli scavi, 21 bis,
Montegrotto Terme (PD) ITALY

Open everyday from March to October, including national holidays, with the following timetable:
CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME from 9.30 to 16.00 (for entry)
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME from 9.30 to 17.30 (for entry)

Tel +39 049 8910189
E-mail: info@butterflyarc.it
Web: www.butterflyarc.it

Esapolis: the living museum of insects

Esapolis is Europe’s largest insect museum with live animals. The museum is characterised by a large section of silkworms with unique silk collections and fantastic exhibitions pertaining to the world of insects: biodiversity, sociality, evolution and then also arachnids, the naturalist’s cabinet, and many more. The line-up is completed by diverse technological and interactive devices that allow visitors to experience the museum more intensely.




Via dei colli, 28 – Padova - ITALY

Open from March to October
from Tuesday to Friday with timetable 9.30-12.00 and 14.30-17.30 Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 9.30-17.30 closed on Monday

Open from November to February Saturday, Sunday and national holidays 9.30-17.30

During the week open only for groups that have made a reservation

web: www.esapolis.eu

Except for demonstrations during national holidays, the visitors have the possibility to make use of the tactile and spinning laboratories, which allow them to directly interact with some six-legged guests of the museum under the supervision of an instructor, or learn the technique of unravelling the cocoons and obtaining a silk skein. Throughout the year original events and initiatives are organised. In order to remain up to date and obtain special offers register as friends of the museum on the Esapolis website.



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