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Treatment of blood circulation problems

When we talk about circulation problems, we refer to all those negative effects on venous flow.

The origin of circulation problems is very complex: bad circulation can be caused by hereditary problems, excessive fatigue, water retention, sedentary life, etc. Because of this complexity of causes, prevention must cover different aspects and has to be planned according to an accurate medical examination.

problemi circolatori

The most common circulation problems are:

  • Varicose veins: the veins exhaustion;

  • Capillaries;

  • Venous stasis: the blood circulation slowdown in some parts of the body;

  • Cold feet: actually they are the display of a circulation problem caused by cellulite and vasomotor laziness (a reduced release and constriction of blood vessels activity).


Physical movement in thermal water

Water physical activity is a very efficacious treatment as it combines exercises with the massaging effect of water. You can get an even more effective result from your treatment if you alternate warm and cold water: it is a very good "vascular gymnastic" that helps a better reduced release and constriction of blood vessels (warm water is a vasodilator while cold water is a vasoconstrictor).


A correct training program in thermal water

A correct training program carried out in the proper way and with the right scientific information, will help you getting all the benefits from the combination of physical exercise and thermal water,
such as:

  • Increase in muscular pump activity: while water surrounds the legs during the exercises, the muscles voluntary contractions act like a "muscular pump"; in this way blood can "spread" from inferior valves to the heart;

  • Raising of venous return to the heart thanks to less gravity in water;

  • Superficial vasodilatation of the skin;

  • Muscular pump on the vessels;

  • Blood vessel gymnastic (alternating cold and warm water).


     Some suggestions

  • If the spring water is particularly hot (more than 35°C), avoid spending more than 20/30 minutes in the pool, as prolonged and full-bodied vasodilation could accentuate problems rather than treat them.

  • Only carry out movements that are suitable for one’s health conditions (always inform instructors of possible health problems one may have).

  • Follow the advice of a qualified and experienced instructor who is aware of the problems and effects of physical movement in spring water.

  • Drink frequently before, during and after physical activity in spring water (it may not be evident to all that the organism loses large amounts of fluid through sweat when immersed in spring water, and may also experience cramps). The ideal drink is water enriched with minerals (to replace the minerals lost through sweat).  


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