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Thermal baths for the Health
Restore your body and switch pain off with the most effective natural therapy
The Euganean Basin’s mature Thermal Clay®
It’s the natural therapy with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action; it stimulates the cartilage restoration and enhances the immune system, while it reestablishes minerals in tissues:
it acts as a medicine, but a better one, having no potentially damaging collateral effects.
In this section we introduce you to the uniqueness, the proprieties, the therapeutic value of the Euganean Basin’s mature Thermal Clay®. Precious information for your most precious attribute: health.
thermal clay
Health programs: at the Thermal Baths to feel well
A vacation in our Thermal Hotels is synonym of health and body care
Here you find Medical SPA programs for the prevention, the early treatment, the rehabilitation and the recovery based on thermal mud and water, manual therapy and hydrokinesiotherapy, antalgic treatments and physiotherapy, reeducation.
Thermae in a week-end
fango prova
Testing, Knowing, Becoming fond Stay and thermal treatments
Thermal mud therapy, 1-week program
Stay and thermal treatments, all included
2-weeks complete cycle of thermal treatments
fango 2 settimane
Stay and thermal treatments, all included
Did you know that
Did you know that…
It’s never too early to start taking care of your own health
Osteo-articular pains, stiffness of the muscles and contractures, lesions of cartilages and tendons, post-traumatic problems involve 80% of population from 35 years of age.
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