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Vicenza the city of Palladio

Rural and industrial centre that developed
on the northern side of the Berici hills

The city fits neatly in the beautiful surroundings and holds a lot of artistic and architectural works of art. But above all it is the city of Andrea Palladio the great XVI century architect who worked in Vicenza and the surrounding area more than in any other city. He designed many palaces, public buildings and churches that have left a unique architectural imprint on the city.


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Guide to monuments

No other city is so attached to an architect as Vicenza is to Andrea Palladio. He worked during the 1500s and created some of his most significant work there, such as Palazzo Porto Barbaran, Palazzo Valmarana, Palazzo Pojana, Palazzo Chiericati and also important public and religious buildings, like the Basilica Palladiana, the Olympic Theatre and the dome of the cathedral.
In the following centuries Palladio's style inspired many other architects. But we must not forget that the artistic and architectural heritage of Vicenza was already renowned before Palladio. Important examples of the religious architecture before the middle ages are the basilicas of St. Felice and St. Fortunato, the churches of St. Lorenzo and St. Corona and of course the Cathedral.


Vicenza Villas Palladio

The surrounding area of Vicenza is full of famous villas  most of them built by Palladio, such as Villa Godi di Lonedo, Villa Trissino in Sarcedo, Villa Pojana in Pojana Maggiore, Villa Saraceno in Agugliaro, Villa Caldogno Nordera in Caldogno, Villa Pisanio in Bagnolo and Villa Thiene in Quinto


 Vicentino. Other famous architects have also left an important heritage, such as: Villa Pisani "La Rocca Pisana", Villa Verlato in Villaverla, Villa Trissino with its beautiful XVIII century garden, Villa Piovene, Villa Costozza, Villa Garzadori and many others all by Vincenzo Scamozzi.


The province

The northern part of the province of Vicenza is mountainous: in the West the Piccole Dolomiti, the tops of Mount Pasubio and Carega reaching 2000 metres; in the East Monte Grappa, all historical places heavily bombed during the First World War.
In the middle of the Altipiano of Asiago or "Altipiano dei sette comuni" there are vast expanses of woods and meadows which make it a perfect tourist destination both in the winter and summer. Between the Altipiano and the Grappa lies the deep chasm of Valsugana the Brenta runs through, that leads to the plains where Bassano del Grappa rises. Bassano is a big town, famous for its wooden covered bridge on the Brenta, "Ponte degli Alpini". Inside the old walls of the medieval city you will find more characteristic places and monuments. You have to visit the Cathedral and the museum. Other important centres in the province of Vicenza are: Marostica, a walled town famous for its chess game played by people dressed up as the pieces; Nove, an historical centre of Venetian ceramics and Recoaro a renowned tourist town.

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