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Functional recovery in thermal water

The Euganean Thermal Basin, with its premises and thermal resources, is an important functional rehabilitation centre for post-traumatic or post-operative musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Thanks to the spring water’s biochemical and physical components (minerals and heat), a series of operative limitations are surmounted, thus it is recommended to those who need to begin a course of functional rehabilitation.


Less weight means less stress on joints

Water is a particularly suitable environment for the stages involved in functional rehabilitation, and this microgravity environment allows for a series of movements to be carried out; these movements are similar to those carried out outside of the water, but would be impossible for patients to perform prior to a relatively long period of rehabilitation. Less gravity reduces the weight upon the joints and allows movement to be carried out without feeling pain and risking injury.

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Water temperature

The high temperature of spring water helps alleviate muscle pain and contractions, increasing the amount of blood that reaches tissues. Furthermore, heat stimulates anti-inflammatory responses within the organism.


Water Massage

Thanks to the greater density of water, water exercise simulates micro-massage therefore stimulating blood circulation by increasing metabolic exchange in specific areas.

Spring water allows one to prematurely move the injured limb, while heat and the biochemical properties of the water stimulate the body’s self-reparative abilities, accelerating rehabilitation and recovery.



Salts and Minerals

The spring water’s salts, minerals and radiant energy play an important role in the reparation processes within the human body.


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