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I like or… Ahh, that hurts?

Finger-folly over-excites… but not necessarily how we would like!

The advent of smartphones, being connected everywhere and at any time and the spread of social networks has led many of us to feel the need to be always connected, active and informed, not only for study and work, but also as a moment of diversion, of personal pleasure.

This means that we spend hours and hours of the day (and night) over-stimulating our thumbs. A significant change in habits for our bodies: in fact up until a few years ago the index finger was the key player of our hands (also the middle finger at times, decidedly not for noble reasons…): the new generation is thumb-addicted.

This continual movement of our thumbs on the latest generation of devices for messaging, chatting, posting and searching, stresses the affected body part and creates a continual trauma, also due to the hardness of the surface onto which we tap.


The classic alarm bells sounded by the stressed body part

in other words discomfort and pain, are usually ignored, which in time leads the way to out and out pathologies, for example:

  • Arthrosis of the thumb, or rhizarthrosis

  • Tendinopathy of the upper limbs: continual finger-folly stress also creates inflammation in the tendons involved, developing fully fledged tendinopathies that, if neglected in an acute state, can become chronic and affect the whole upper limb.

  • Pathologies of the shoulder and of the cervical section of the spinal column: the load and tension of these areas, debilitated by a posture that is far from correct, which translates into a curved neck and “closed” shoulders to use the device we hold in our hands, which translates into headache, migraine, inflammation, cervical arthrosis and discopathies.

  • Vision problems: staring at a screen at the same short distance for extended periods stresses the eyes.

So, what can we do?

The key words are always the same:



Moderation. Incorrect use and abuse are what, over time, cause pains, inflammations and related pathologies.



Prevention. What about taking some breaks! Let’s put down the smartphones, stretch the neck and back, relax the muscles, play some healthy sport and… dive into the world of well-being that is Abano and Montegrotto Thermal baths!


Mud-bath therapy for prevention wards off the onset of arthrosis, stimulates the production of articular cartilage, relaxes the musculature and, thanks to the active ingredients absorbed during the sessions, alleviates inflammation and keeps pain at bay.


Cures as effective as they are natural

against the problems that “ail” us


If on the other hand we have ignored the alarm bells and tendonopathies, cervicalgias, arthroses are already our life companions, why not put ourselves in expert hands to work on the problem that “ails” us. Thermal water and hydro-kinesis therapy are valid anti-pain and rehabilitative methods both in the acute and chronic phases.


Avoiding medicines and invasive therapies is possible at Abano and Montegrotto Thermal baths. Natural elements like thermal clay and water come to our aid, assisted by physical techniques and therapies.


Posture re-training sessions, massages and physiotherapy help you to restore optimal tissue, muscle and bone-joint condition; above all, they re-connect us with our bodies. As this is precisely where the paradox lies: we live in an era in which we are connected 24/7 with the world… and not with ourselves.


At Abano and Montegrotto Thermal baths, soaking in 34°C thermal pools, we discover how pleasant and relaxing it is to unwind and feel a little “out of this world”. But don’t worry… in case of withdrawal symptoms, there is always the free Wi-Fi in the Hotels!


Elisa Bolognesi
Ibrahim Mahmoud thanks, for the in depth information:

Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud,
has been practicing acupuncture for 25 years. Works at the antalgic dept. of the Padua hospital as acupuncture specialist. Primary Doctor at the Hotel Savoia Thermae & Spa

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