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The restorative effects of thermal bath therapy

From bathing to relaxing and rehabilitating in a thermal pool

From bathing in an individual thermal bath to relaxing and rehabilitating in a thermal pool: just as long as it is hyperthermal water with bromide-iodide-salts in the Abano and Montegrotto Thermal baths.

Thermal bath therapy plays a considerable role in the thermal establishments of Abano and Montegrotto Hotels. It is usually carried out in the form of an immersion in an individual bath or in a pool, with or without water jets.

acqua termale

acqua termale

In order to determine the therapeutic action of a thermal bath two elements are considered:

The temperature of the water and the chemical composition of the very same water.

As regards the changes that heat brings about in the human body in general, in the organs of movement and particularly in painful symptoms, the chemical composition of the mineral water with bromide-iodide-salts of the Abano and Montegrotto thermal baths has a stimulating and resolving effect on inflammatory processes even in deep organs.

Thermal bathing in an individual bath

A medical therapy recognised by the Italian National Health System

Thermal bathing has a stimulating effect on the circulation and on cellular metabolism and is suggested for hypertension, arteriosclerosis, obesity, gout, states of depression and, above all else, for peripheral vasculopathies and also in some arthropathies.

bagno ozono

Ozone is usually added to thermal baths. The bubbles of ozone deliver a delicate massage, in contact with the submerged body surface, inducing stimulating effects and activating the circulation (dilation of the capillaries, squeezing of veins, increase in the speed of blood to the periphery).

Dry human skin has little permeability to gases and to water-soluble substances, whereas wet skin, softened in hot water, becomes permeable by diffusion, allowing the ozone dissolved in the bath water to reach the deepest tissue layers.

Furthermore the large quantity of bubbles of ozonised air that continually rise to the surface of the water also induce a general action on the body by inhalation of ozone at optimum concentrations, promoting the absorption of the various salts present in the thermal water via the respiratory tracts.

Bathing in a thermal pool

From pure relaxation to rehabilitative therapy par excellence

The therapeutic action of thermal bathing in a pool occurs by way of specific factors (chemico-physical characteristics of the water used) and aspecific factors (water temperature, mechanical and hydrostatic influences of the water itself).


Archimedes and his principles “Any body wholly or partially immersed in a fluid experiences an upward force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced.”

For this reason, as otherwise difficult or painful movements outside of the water become possible, excessive muscular energy expenditure is not required to keep parts of the body in the desired positions and the musculature completely relaxes.


Hydrostatic pressure works on venous circulation, particularly on the return and on haematic deposit bodies. Due to these actions pool bathing is used for rehabilitation in arthroses, in arthro-rheumatic diseases and metabolic disorders, in some functional and organic peripheral vasculopathies.

Ibrahim Mahmoud thanks, for the in depth information:
Dr. Ibrahim Mahmoud,
has been practicing acupuncture for 25 years. Works at the antalgic dept. of the Padua hospital as acupuncture specialist. Primary Doctor at the Hotel Savoia Thermae & Spa

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