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The thermal waters, a true source of health

The Euganean Basin hot springs are ancient waters that flow at a temperature of approximately 87°C after a decade-long underground voyage from the Lessini Mountains (the Prealps). During the course of this journey at a 2000-3000 metre depth, the water becomes enriched with minerals; its composition makes it a precious thermal resource of exceptional therapeutic value.

The Euganean Basin hot springs are classified as salt-bromo-iodic hyperthermal springs with fixed residue at 180°C of dissolved salts per litre.

Acque termali di Abano Terme

The spring water is used in Abano and Montegrotto Terme Hotels for:

Acqua termale Abano Terme   Acqua termale Abano Terme   Acqua termale Abano Terme   Acqua termale Abano Terme   Acqua termale Abano Terme

Thermal pools: the spring water is cooled to 33-35°C and is placed in the thermal pools and whirlpools.


Thermal mud maturation: the virgin mud is submerged by the spring water in the special basins that each hotel possesses, and its exposure to air and sunlight causes its transformation. >>


Balneotherapy: In the Thermal department, each mud-balneotherapy bathing hut consists of a basin filled with spring water at a temperature of a 36/38°C (ideal temperature according to doctors) where guests bathe for approximately 10 minutes.


Inhalation therapy: every hotel has inhalation and aerosol devices that are useful for treating upper and lower respiratory tract disorders


Hotel heating: After being used for therapeutic purposes, the spring water is placed in the building’s plants at a temperature that is high enough to heat the building during winter months.


Thermal balneotherapy

Thanks to its warmth and chemical composition, thermal water is the ideal environment to relieve pain and to relax body and mind.

acqua termale  

Balneotherapy uses spring water and its properties to help prevent and treat various health problems.

Thermal water works through different mechanisms such as:

thermic stimulation;

• intervention on different functional valves;

• modification of basal metabolism.

The chemical physical characteristics of the water, along with the myorelaxing and antigravity actions, help movements, tissue compression and the venous and lymphatic flow.

Furthermore the thermal water supports the lipolysis (fat reduction), combining the warm temperature benefits with the physical exercise.

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