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Treatment of pain

Pain is a complex and precious symptom: a major alarm-bell that must be taken seriously or it will last a lifetime.

Very often physical problems, especially related to joints, are due to muscle contraction. A contraction is an involuntary tension of muscular fibers and can be caused by different factors: it is often an expression of a "vicious circle". For example, if a certain kind of movement causes a pain, it usually means that a group of muscles is contracting to avoid that pain (this is what can be called antalgic contraction) and if this contraction persists, the consequence is a muscular suffering that raises pain, and so on.

trattamento dolore

Thermal water against pain

The immersion in the Spring water of the Euganean Basin is particularly useful in alleviating muscle, bone and joint pain,
in particular:

• Arthrosis:
it is a cronic-degenerative illness of joint cartilage;


• Arthritis:
it is a joint inflammation that can be caused by different factors;


• Muscular pains;


• Vertebral pains:
with this word we refer to all kinds of back pains.

45 minutes of treatment in thermal water may be enough to reduce significantly pain; combining the effect of water with a correct and assisted movement can lead to incredible results.


Main effects of thermal water on pain:

• Thermal water, thanks to its particular characteristics and its warm temperature, reduces the pain caused by a joint or muscle problem, allowing some movements otherwise impossible to perform.

• By raising the internal temperature of the body, thermal water reduces nerve stimulation that usually transmits pain.

• The raising of temperature itself produces certain substances (endorphins) that have an analgesic effect.

The final synergic effect is a general reduction of pain.

Kinesityerapy (therapy of movement)

and even more hydrokinesiotherapy, is the most effective option to antalgic medicines that normally have side effects.


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