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Characteristics of arthrosis

Arthrosis, which has a hereditary component and it is more common among women

Arthrosis is the result of a progressive thinning of the cartilage, the bearing between two bones in the articulation, which has the task to avoid friction and attrition in the articulation. You cannot recover from rheumatism. As it becomes a life partner for those who suffer from it, all we can do is try to hold it back to improve life quality and limit pain as much as possible.

Keep on mobilizing the rheumatic articulation is fundamental, otherwise functionality is reduced to total immobilization.

Dolore artrosi
Fango Termale


● Increase in the creaks which are a sign of friction between the bones

● Decrease of functionality and mobility

● Progressive pain

● Limited function due also to pain

Where does arthrosis strike?

Let us give a look to our osteoarticular system and discover the most common forms.


Cervical arthrosis:

Vertebral joint arthrosis causes painful symptoms, often combined with headache, vertigo, movement limitation and a consequent irritation of nerve roots, causing pain irradiation towards upper limbs and sensitization. Pain is often caused by a contracture of neck muscles and of the upper part of the back; the heat released by the mud plays an important decontracturing role, which can be enhanced with specific massages.


Shoulder arthrosis:

it is the most annoying. It comes from a post traumatic problem in 80% of the cases, or it can result from a simple but wrong movement which has been repeated in time causing a small calcification. Keep on mobilizing the rheumatic articulation is fundamental, especially with the shoulder, otherwise functionality is reduced to total immobilization.


Back arthrosis and low back pain:

Low back arthrosis is highly spread and it is one of the most common causes of backache. Especially, as the years go by, these pains become more evident in the area of the body which is subject to a constant loading all day long and all lifelong, while gravity always attracts downwards. Low back pain involves a series of painful occurrences which can be caused both by joint and muscle problems. Mud application combined with physical exercise in thermal water, can contribute in solving both problems.


Hip arthrosis:

It is often a consequence of other disorders; generally it strikes after 50 years old, mostly with women. Pain is often constant, hitting the highest point standing upright for long time or after efforts; pain increases as the cartilage degeneration advances, until walking is made difficult.


Hand arthrosis:

cit strikes both sexes; the interested joints depend on the kind of usury of time, which causes pain, joint stiffening and finger swelling with a progressive loss of functionality


Knee arthrosis:

Painful symptoms are very common, and can be facilitated by overweight, sedentary life and physical factors such as ligament problems. Since pain increases with movement, people suffering from knee arthrosis are often inclined to knee inactivity, which actually worsens the problem.


Foot arthrosis:

The degeneration of the cartilage of foot joint is among the most common; it causes pain and, as time goes by, it modifies bone structure. It arises among old people as a consequence of postural faults or other disorders. Pain increases with loading and movement, while it decreases with rest, which leads people to inactivity in order to feel relief.

zone del corpo colpite

The treatment

The thermal mud of the Euganean Basin:

the natural cure aginst arthrosis Thermal mud in Abano and Montegrotto, thanks to the chemical composition of the water and the process of maturation it undergoes, is a very effective cure against rheumatism.

The heat of thermal mud has a myorelaxant effect
The therapy which is complementary to mud, mass therapy and kinesitherapy in the fitness centre and in thermal water, is less painful and the patient can make wider movements right from the first sessions.

Fango Termale

The beneficial effects:

● stimulation of the production of natural “cortisone”, with an anti-inflammatory effect;

● stimulation of the production of endorphins, which help to better bear the pain;

● stimulation of the production of cartilage (demonstrated by recent studies);

● stimulation of the immune system through the thermic stress induced by mud application.

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