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Here they are below:

Fango Termale

What pathologies are treatable with mud therapy?

Osteoarthritis, and other degenerative forms in chronic phase (not acute), such as osteoporosis, spinal osteoarthritis, arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, extra-articular rheumatisms in not-acute phase, tendinitis and lower back pains.

Fango Termale

How many mud baths can be done?

The ideal mud therapy cycle consists of a sequence of 12 mud applications, with daily frequency, each with a length of 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 39/42°C and followed by a 13-15 minute bath in thermal water. Length of time and temperature are always to be decided by the thermal specialist doctor, who evaluates every case individually.

If effecting the complete cycle of 12 sessions once a year is not possible, two 6-sessions cycles can be done once in 6 months. When neither this option can be effected, do all you can: always better than nothing. One or two cycles of thermal treatments every year will allow those who suffer from rheumatism a much better quality of life for the rest of the year.

Fango Termale

Why is the medical examination for the admission to the mud-balneotherapy compulsory at the hotel?

Medical examination at the hotel is compulsory: it is up to the health director to verify the health state of the guest who wishes to undergo the mud-balneotherapy. According to this, he arranges a treatment cycle, specifying the interested areas for therapy, application times, mud and thermal water temperatures, as well as potential expedients which are to be taken by the therapists.

Fango Termale

When is mud therapy not recommended?

Mud therapy is not recommended in the acute inflammatory phase, and to those who suffer from cardiovascular problems. Particular precautions must be taken for guests affected by venous deficiency, glaucoma, prostate hypertrophy and unbalanced metabolism diseases.

Fango Termale

Which period of time is better to undergo mud therapy?

The in-between seasons, spring and autumn, are periods of significant climatic and environmental change and as such they affect our state of being, either in a physical way or in an emotional and mental one.

Spring, in particular, is the moment in which our body awakens: with the increase in temperature, and the resulting possibility of more sun exposure and being in the open air, our metabolism accelerates and our body feels the need to be in shape for the summer.

In this rejuvenating period, therefore, thermal treatments have a synergic effect with our capacity of rebirth, not only through a physical perspective, but also psychological.This variety of mud helps us tune in with our natural way of living.

Fango Termale

How is mud therapy organized in the hotels?

Each thermal hotel is equipped with its own thermal department inside the hotel. This allows guests to reach the Thermae directly from their room, being already in their bathrobe. Normally, mud baths are effected in the morning, from 5:00 to 12:00, according to the guests’ time preferences, from Monday to Saturday. Given the shortening of the guest’s holiday stay, many hotels give the opportunity to effect mud therapy on Sunday too.

Fango Termale

How is a mud therapy session organized?

It is a veritable thermal ritual that lasts around 40/45 minutes overall. At the arranged time, the thermal operator will have you lying in your dedicated room; the room is made of a bed for mud therapy, a shower and a bathtub.

Mud is already spread on the bed, in order to bring it to the temperature indicated by the doctor who made the admission examination (mud has to be cooled down!). Once you lie down on the bed, the operator covers the areas of your body indicated by the doctor with the thermal mud, and wraps you with blankets that reduce heat loss. In this way, you can relax for 15/20 minutes. After this pause time, the operator frees you from the mud under the thermal water-shower and helps you going into the bathtub filled with thermal water with an addition of ozone, in which you lie for about 13/15 minutes.

In the end, once you are dry off, you can wear your bathrobe again and go back to your room, or take a break in one of the relax areas of the hotel, for a little rest. In this phase, your body eliminates the heat absorbed during mud therapy with a plentiful perspiration.

Fango Termale

What should one wear to undergo mud therapy?

Usually nothing; if you feel uncomfortable, you can wear your swimsuit or the operator can give you a disposable underwear.

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