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I’d like to try a thermal therapy…
but is it worth it?

Thermal Clay®: 1 treatment is worth 4… or rather 5!

So far we have underlined the importance of following a cycle of at least 6 daily thermal treatments in order to benefit from the many therapeutic effects of mature Thermal Clay® on our organism.

But if you have just a few days or a weekend for a relaxing break, we suggest you to try in any case one or two treatments with water and Thermal Clay®, a real ritual of global wellness and beauty. Here are some of the many important effects you can benefit even from a single thermal treatment :


1. Sauna effect:

the Thermal Clay applied on the body for a single treatment is slightly colder (38/40° C) than the daily treatment with therapeutic purpose (40°/43° C), whose temperature in any case suffices to increase the body temperature, with a subsequent vase-dilation of the microcirculation underneath the skin.


Detox effect:

thanks to the significant increase in the temperature in the gap between the skin and the Thermal Clay masque, that requires more blood and therefore more oxygen, the activity of cell is improved; metabolism speeds up, consuming reserves and burning toxins. The body sweats and eliminate toxins. The shower and following thermal bath remineralize and tone up tissues.


Scrub effect:

the small particles of Thermal Clay act as a peel, provoking a delicate abrasion of the dead cells of the epidermis, which provides the best possible sheen to the skin and prepares it for its exposure to the sun.


Relaxing effect:

the heat produced by the application of Thermal Clay has a powerful muscle relaxant effect and helps to decontract tensions at level of muscles and tissue sub layers. This action has immediate benefits on the mind: the relax is total.


The treatment foresees the application of mature Thermal Clay® on the body at a temperature of 38/40°C. Then relax for about 15 minutes lying down on the bed well covered with clay. The next step is a warm thermal shower to rinse off the remains of Thermal Clay and after that the bath in thermal water with added ozone for about 8/10 minutes.


“Plus” effect

effect Thermal Clay® can be easily enriched with vegetal principles, oils and essences that amplify its beneficial effect and have also therapeutic and cosmetic values.

We introduce you some treatments based on enriched Thermal Clay®
and the hotels that offer them


Thermal 5 Colours® Treatment


The Thermal Clay joins the typical ingredients of the Natural Park of the Euganean Hills and turns to a beauty treatment, focused in 5 goals:

Microscrub – White. The very first treatment in any body-care programme. A “stardust” scrub with siliceous shells that gently removes dead skin.

Body Slim – Yellow. Thanks to the high concentrate of an alga rich in polysaccharides and phycocyanin (ETS08) it minimizes the typical cellulite blemishes, improves the the superficial micro-circulation and fights water retention.

Body Tonic – Green. It contains the thermal algae ETS05 with a high toning power that’s both soothing and decongestant for the body.

Anti-age Protection – Red. The functional components of the polyphenols from Euganean Hills grape marc help battle the signs of aging skin.

Anti-age intensive – Blue. The thermal algae ETS03 has anti-aging effects that help fight the aging of skin, improve skin regeneration and make skin firmer.

The Thermal Clay is mixed up with the coloured lotion you choose for your body treatment. The formulation is applied all over the body and left for about 15 minutes. The characteristic scent of each treatment delivers an overall wellbeing sensation. The bath in thermal ozonized water follows and closes the ritual.

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