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The “Zen” dimension in golf:

let’s discover why golf is considered the most “inner” outdoor sport in the Western World


Nowadays “Zen” is a common word. Used in everyday life, it is particularly linked to the culture of the Far East. Actually, Zen is a lifestyle approach that is applicable today; its characteristics can be adapted to any experience and condition.

Thus, Zen is, above all, a mental and physical attitude focused on a heightened awareness of daily life. Exercising this awareness amplifies perception and increases concentration.

Shifting the concept of Zen to the golf course, we can understand why golf is considered the most “inner” outdoor sport in the Western World. While it is true that golf requires, like all sports, a certain level of technique and training, it also requires concentration. The result is an exercise aimed at achieving the perfect swing.

Abandoning all the thoughts and worries that accompany our daily lives is a necessary step in reaching this goal. With this purpose in mind, we are able to give ourselves over to the complete concentration required by the game.

Golf is an invitation to abandon the concept of “hurry” and follow your inner rhythm which is based on the coordination of breathing and movement. The course with its wonderful peace and relaxing atmosphere helps you to forget the modern day race against the clock. And really, why would we want to rush a healthy walk around the course?


A Zen attitude on the golf course means a total presence and concentration in both the preparation and the swing - a presence devoid of the doubts and ideas which come from rationality and thinking about the “after”. There will be time later for the “after”.

An invitation for those who are curious is to give it a try: with a healthy Zen attitude you can beat some of the frustration caused by initial poor results.


A grateful thanks for his kindness and the elegant explanation

to Master Giovanni Veronelli,
Golf Club La Montecchia

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