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Swing through the ball rather than hit the ball:

technical advice by Master Veronelli, Golf Club Montecchia


The Technique

Before entering the green, the genuine golf course, it is necessary to spend some time training at the driving range where you will learn the basic techniques for proper movement as well as the safety rules for appropriate golf etiquette.
The following byword is particularly useful: “Play the ball as it lies, leave the course as you find it, don’t touch the ball if you don’t know if and/which rule applies.”
In fact, respect and honesty together make up the basis of the rules established for this game.


The correct movement to hit the ball with the wood involves the harmonious coordination of the body which can be divided into the following phrases:


To play Golf in Abano Terme:

Golf Club La Montecchia
Via Montecchia, 16
35030 Selvazzano Dentro (PD)
Tel +39 049 8055550

Golf Club Padova
Via Noiera, 57
35030 Valsanzibio di Galzignano Terme (PD)
Tel +39 049 9130078

Golf Club Le Frassanelle
35030 Frassanelle di Rovolon (PD)
Tel +39 049 9910722


Stand behind the ball

to detect the ideal trajectory to reach the flag on the green;



Fix a benchmark

and align the wood to it in order to imagine the trajectory to follow;



Place yourself on an imaginary line to the right of the ball.

Bend your legs distributing 50% of your weight on each leg and lean forward. Your arms must be relaxed and your shoulders must be lined up with the tip of your toes;



Place the ball between the centre and your left leg;


First, rotate your body to the right

letting your hands and arms follow the movement at a 90 degree angle;



Rotate in the opposite direction;


Finally, coordinating the movement of your hips, arms and body,

hit the ball. Don’t stop the movement mid-swing but take it beyond, following it through the ball;



The final position should balanced on your left foot

with your arms following the movement of the swing.



A grateful thanks for his kindness and the elegant explanation

to Master Giovanni Veronelli,
Golf Club La Montecchia

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