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The Hills by Mountain Bike

Villa Draghi itinerary

The mountain bike is surely the best means to get to know the hidden places of the Euganean Hills, putting together the relaxing contact with nature and an exercise that keeps you in shape and healthy. There are many chances to practise this sport in the Euganian Hills; what we suggest is an example of a possible route, suitable for every…leg!  

The Start

The trail starts from the car park at the foot of the Villa Draghi hill in Montegrotto Terme and goes towards Cencio’s Restaurant (which you’ll leave on the right after a slight slope of about 600 m). Here we enter a rough downhill dirt road that bends towards the left. Cover about one kilometre of the dirt road and you’ll find once again the smooth asphalt as you come out for a moment on the ring road and take the road that goes to Turri

 Turri's slope

The slope begins softly and gradually becomes steeper, but without being too worrying. After covering about a kilometre and a half you'll reach the mountain pass, near the Belvedere restaurant, and come before the view of the valley that leads to Galzignano. At the summit of the pass keep to the right along Regazzoni Alta street.


The descent towards Galzignano

Now a pleasant descent begins that’s about 2 km long and that ends at a stop sign, here go to the right towards Galzignano/Torreglia, then continue for about 2,5 km skirting the hill towards Torreglia until you come across the provincial road number 98.

At this crossroad turn right towards Torreglia, climb along the bends of a small slope less than 1 km long. The following descent is characterized by a winding journey round a certain amount of bends; at the bottom turn sharply to the right and enter Volti street (then Cogolo street), that will lead you, after about 2,5 km, to the entrance of a dirt road at the foot of the Villa Draghi hill.

The entrance to the path is blocked, but it won’t be difficult to step over the obstacle and start pedalling again along this dirt road that flanks the hill with slight ups and downs that will take you to the main gate on the outskirts of the Villa from which you started.

The Map
Total length: 13,2 Km
Duration: 1 hour   Total drop: 165 m
Download the map in pdf format »
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