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N.05 Monte Lozzo pathway


The Valbona Castle
Located on the western side of the Euganean Hills, the castle had already been there in the first half of the 8th century, when it belonged to the Lozzo counts, under the power of the Carraresi family, the lords of Padova. The castle stopped being a military fortress with the Venetian domination. It has a rectangular shape, with crenellated walls of 40 and 25 metres; it displays hexagon-shaped towers on the ends, with two square towers in the middle of the longer sides and a large tower with a square shape located almost in its centre.

Valbona castle

The pathway

The path develops half-way through the hillside of Mount Lozzo, making a ring between 100 and 190 metres of altitude, with light ups and downs. The start of the path is located at an altitude of 140 metres, next to the second-to-last hairpin bend in the road that takes you to the old quarry. The first part of the itinerary goes along this road until the fork at the Borotto house. The main itinerary continues on the left, whereas on the right side you can access the area of the trachyte quarry and from there a path will take you to the top of the hill (323 metres) where a little chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph is located.



The main path becomes narrower and enters into the woods on the western side of the hill; further on you will notice some holes which were dug in the trachyte. They were part of the defensive line built by the Germans during the Second World War in 1944. After the first stop area, which has a view of the south-western flatland, the path leads to a junction through a deviation that, on the left goes down to the Valbona Castle and on the right goes up through the woods on the northern side of the hill.

The vegetation is now made of oaks and hornbeams, with the brushwood made of butcher’s brooms and nut trees. In this area you will notice other old military posts, before you reach the Ca’ Matta town, where the view, now free from the forest trees, can admire the Berici Hills, the Lovertino Mount, and almost the entire western side of the Euganean Hills.


The last part of the path, on the eastern side of Mount Lozzo, is nearly flat, and goes back into the forest until a crossroad: the path on the left is a shortcut to quickly go back to the town, otherwise if you follow the signs you can complete the circle and rapidly go back to the starting point, from where you can go back down to Lozzo along the same road you took to go up.

Departure point: Lozzo Atestino
Length: 2.8 km (4.8 Km if departure point is the main square in the town centre)
Height difference: 150 m (300 m considering the deviation to the top of the hill)
When: in spring and autumn, for the wonderful colours. During Summer avoid the hottest days.
Average travelling time: 1h or more (2h from the main square in the town centre)
Degree of difficulty: low. (for the deviation to the top of the hill hiking shoes recommended).
Download the map in pdf format »
Click on the image to see and print the cartography of the trail

How to reach the departure point

Reaching the trail from Abano Terme (21 km):
You’ll need to move to the Western side of the Euganean Hills, going along the Provincial road towards Torreglia and Galzignano and from there take the Cengolina strada provincale, up to the hill pass called Roverello; then go down again to the plain through Faedo and Fontanafredda, until the crossroad with SP89, the Provincial road 89. From there, follow the signs for Lozzo Atestino and stop at the main square. From there you can reach the beginning of the path by going up the foot of the hill for one km, walking (preferably) or by car. From the square you'll turn onto Roma street and, if you turn left, you’ll take Vezzo road, which leads to the old quarry.

A thank you to the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills for the permission to use the trails cartography - »
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