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N.16 - Monte Rosso pathway

How to reach the departure point
Reaching the trail from Abano Terme (3 km): Cover the Appia Monterosso street until you reach the Monterosso area. On the right there is the public park of Villa Bembiana, while on the left you’ll see the parish church. You can park your car along the street or in the church square. However, since Abano is rather close, you can also reach the departure point of the trail on foot or by bike
(on the bicycle and pedestrian path).
Departure point: entrance of the Villa Bembiana park
Length: 1,6 km   Height difference: 155 m
Average travelling time: 1,5 h
When: all year round, but preferably in spring and in autumn
Degree of difficulty: medium. It is advisable to wear suitable clothes and hike shoes
Download the map in pdf format »
Click on the image to see and print the cartography of the trail

The pathway

From the Monterosso area, you can reach the departure point by following the dirt road that flanks the walled fence of Villa Bembiana on the left, and its (now public) park on the right. Turn left on Circuito Monterosso street: after 150 meters a forest path starts going uphill towards the mount.
You’ll cross a false acacia wood, that in the past constituted ancient terraced sites where grapevines and other agricultural produce were cultivated.

Go straight on until you reach an unused trachyte quarry, which marks deeply on this side of the hill.
We recommend not to drift away from the trail, which starts now going upward with rocky stairs; the slope ends next to the superior edge of the quarry, that is limited with security support; you’ll find the entrance of a gallery (about 10-meters-long), next to a big sessile oak: access here is forbidden.

The main trail continues on a forest path that, crossing a chestnut wood ,leads towards the hilltop
(174 meters). The glade on the top represents a panoramic point that allows visitors to take a glance at the north-east side of the Euganean Hills: the Abbazia di Praglia is prominent , while the backdrop is a fascinating landscape with the series of Mounts Lonzina, Boscalbò, Ortone and, behind them, the higher Mounts Venda, Rua, Baiamonte and Pirio.


Not to be missed

Nearby, making a deviation
from the trail:

• Villa Bembiana park

• Praglia abbey (2,3 km)

• Monteortone sanctuary (1,8 km)

• Villa Emo Capodilista at Feriole (2,9 km)


A thank you to the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills for the permission to use the trails cartography - »
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