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Teolo - Passo delle Fiorine


Itinerary Teolo - Saint Anthony Abbot’s Church - Passo delle Fiorine and way back to admire the colours of the Euganean Hills

Teolo is the main village of the northern part of the Euganean Hills and was the former main vicar office in the medieval age. Teolo is linked to the city of Padova by a country road;
it is 13 Km away from Abano Terme and is situated at an altitude of 165m up the Monte della Madonna.


The pathway

Teolo will be the starting point of our excursion. You can leave your car at the parking lot in Perlasca square (through Via Fontana Maggiore). The first short part of itinerary takes you down to Via Trespole and leads out of the village. The landscape here extends from Monte Venda and Rocca Pendice in the south to the northern Monte della Madonna, which is the second highest hill (525 m.) in the Euganean Hills. Once you approach a capital, the road branches in two: continue straight (do not take the left road) along a dirt road which goes up for about 700 meters among cultivated fields and farmhouses.


On your right you will see a path winding upwards through the woods on Monte della Madonna’s slopes. It is advisable to hike this path on foot, wearing suitable shoes. The path goes through a forest of chestnut and black locust trees: at this point in the itinerary, we are on the southern side of the Monte della Madonna. In this region you will likely encounter some totally exposed rocky areas, covered by prickly pear cacti (Opuntia) which, during late Spring-Autumn, bloom full of beautiful red fruits. While admiring these marvelous plants, you will suddenly notice, beyond a small wall, the façade of a tiny little church with a bell tower, dedicated to Saint Anthony Abbot.

Beside the church there is a natural cave while, on its back, there is a wide lawn with some benches: this is the ideal location to take a short break and admire the landscape. The next part of itinerary leads you into a slightly different geography: because the ground here is a bit steeper and more slippery (you may need to cling), you might need to be more cautious. From here, you can reach a beautiful landmark: a rocky outcropping offers an extensive panorama of the valley below; extended before you are the curved outline of Monte Venda, the rocky side of Rocca Pendice, the elegant green valley and, on a clear day, you can spot the crown of the Appennini chain in the horizon.

Rocca Pendice

Going along with the itinerary, you’ll walk a smoother path fewer ups and downs which, after the first part, will be sheltered by the shadow of a downy oaks and chestnut trees. Every now and then a rocky outcropping of trachyte recalls the volcanic origins of the Euganean Hills; at a first glance they appear to be just big stones, however if you look carefully, you will notice that they are bas relieves. They represent some faces sculpted by an unknown person, maybe by one of the “Salvaneo”, the spirits of the woods who still stroll about the Euganean Hills.

Departing from the woods, you’ll find yourself in a mountain pass between Monte Grande and Monte della Madonna: it is called Passo della Fiorine (350 m.). It is a green area with a big lawn where you can lay under the sun (remember to take a blanket with you!); here you can also find some benches, tables and a fountain with potable water. Another option for taking a rest: simply go to Baita Fiorine and enjoy the cafè-restaurant service.

Passo Fiorine
Departure point: Teolo
Trail length: 5 km
Altitude: 200 m
Duration: 3 hours
When: Spring and Autumn for the beautiful colours of the forests and bushes; Summer for nice shady areas.
Difficulties: easy- average

Saint Anthony Abbot’s Church

Legend has it that Saint Felicita took refuge and lived in a cave in one side of the Hill (her remains now are kept in the Saint Giustina’s Church in Padova). Besides the cave, you can also find a Church dedicated to saint Anthony Abbot. During the last few centuries, next to the church, there was a hermitage belonging to Saint Giustina’s monks (a fact which is still testified by the coat of arms on the door). Moreover, the church is surrounded by vibrant Mediterranean vegetation (prickly pears and cistus).

Chiesa di Sant’antonio Abate


The village is a pleasant resort where, once you’ve completed the excursion, you can enjoy some refreshing Italian ice-cream in one of the cafes. If, on the other hand, you are hungry after an afternoon excursion, you might decide to have a nice dinner in one of the renowned restaurants of the village.

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