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Casa Marina:

The nature education centre of the Euganean Hills Regional Park


Casa Marina is situated in the quiet area of Monte Venda, in the town of Galzignano Terme, and it is a teaching laboratory that lies deep in a natural environment, where you can immediately feel at ease with nature, history and the work of men. It is located in a rebuilt rural home, which has been enlarged with an adjoining modern building created with bioarchitecture techniques.
The structure includes the Library of the Park, and the information centre for those who wish to stop off after a walk along the Park trails, and learn more about the Euganean area.


The botanical garden

includes the vegetation environments of the Parco dei Colli (Hills Park) area and a dedicated area for the medicinal plants, important both from the eating point of view and for their healing properties. This is an important natural area, in which we are trying to stimulate the reproduction of some rare and protected species of flowers of the Euganean Hills.



Casa Marina via Sottovenda, 3
35030 Galzignano Terme (PD) ITALY  


What you can
do in the Park...

• Sport tourism

• Climbing

• Canoeing

• Biking

• Donkey trekking

There are many ways for you to enjoy the Park of the Euganean Hills, all of them characterized by the respect for nature: along the trekking trails (some of them can be covered by bike and electric cars), thanks to the teaching workshops and games, and through sport. For this reason, Casa Marina provides skilled nature guides who attend children and adults and help them discover the area of the Park along the trails by foot, by bike and with donkeys.


What you can't miss:

Moonlight hikes:
once a month, when there is a full moon, an overnight hike is scheduled with an experienced guide: so equip yourself with trekking shoes and torches!

Where: different meeting-places according to the path;

What time: departure at 9:00 pm, return around 11:30 pm;

Cost: € 5,00 per person;

NB: since the path changes from time to time, also the degree of difficulty and the distance covered will be different.


Park of Stars:
in collaboration with the Euganean Astronomical Association, a series of themed events are presented by professional and experienced amateur astronomers. If the weather is fine, you'll take part to a guided observation of the starry sky both with the naked eye and with astronomical telescopes.

Where: Casa Marina

What time: beginning at 9:00 pm

Cost: free entrance














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