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The walled towns:
back to the Middle Age

Abano Terme is the ideal starting point for the discovery of the many Venetian walled cities. For the region of Veneto the Middle Ages were a time of barbarian invasions and great rivalry between fiefs and local rulers who owned castles and built strong walls surrounding the cities. This happened in Padua, Verona, Este, Monselice, Montagnana, Cittadella, Marostica, Feltre, Soave and many other cities. Other fortresses were built on borderline land in order to guard and sight a possible enemy.For this reason lots of castles and fortresses were erected in strategic places in order to check rivers, plains, narrow passages and valleys.


Cities of art of Veneto Region

Taste, Art, History, Passion:
a theme for each direction


Padova: history and art ››

Cittadella: walled town ››

Treviso and the Marca ››

Venice ››

The lagoon and islands ››

Verona among history and passions ››

Vicenza and Palladio ››

The walled towns ››

The Brenta Villas ››



Montagnana is famous for the rectangular ring of its walls, built in the XIII century: it is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy. Throughout the centuries the city has guarded it's traditions, the most important of them is the famous "Palio dei Dieci Comuni" which takes place every first Sunday of September as the highest moment of a folkloristic and evocative event.



Este is an ancient city; a very important centre during the Middle Ages, first ruled by the Estensi Seigniory, from whom it takes it's name, then by the Carraresi of Ferrara who in the XVI century rebuilt the castle that can still be seen today.


Monselice »

Monselice is in a place that has always had a strategic importance both from a trading and military point of view. The hill "della Rocca" that dominates the area, was fortified many times and the town enclosed by walls. The well kept historical centre is overlooked by the Carraresi castle which in the XVI century was turned into the house of the Venetian Marcello family.


Cittadella »

Cittadella is a splendid medieval walled town located in the northern Padua. What you really cannot miss is a walk on the ramparts, i.e. on the city walls. From the Parapet Walk you will notice the the arrangement of internal spaces on a geometrical chessboard-shaped system of Roman origin, based on the two main axes that connect the four gates lying more or less along the cardinal points


The Castle

During the Middle Ages the defensive system of the cities was increased by the building of castles within the city walls or as strategic outposts on the land's borderlines. Wars sometimes caused the abandoning of these structures, though some can still be admired.
A journey through the Paduan region will allow you to discover the castles of Monselice, Este, St. Pelagio in Due Carrare, Valbona and St. Martino in the Euganean Hills Park.

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