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It's never too early

to start taking care of your own health

osteo-articular pains, stiffness of the muscles and contractures, lesions of cartilages and tendons, post-traumatic problems involve 80% of population from 35 years of age.

rimedio naturale il fango   contro i dolori articolari   l'acqua termale

The most effective
natural therapy

The mature Thermal Clay acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine, with no collateral effects.
Read »


Remedies against pain

Fighting backache and articular pains, identifying the cause and taking action early. Read »


Thermal water, a true source of health

Due to its temperature and chemical composition, movement and therapy in thermal water accelerate rehabilitation and recovery. Read »


Thermal Baths for the Health

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Restore your body and switch pain off with the most effective natural therapy

The Euganean Basin's mature Thermal Clay
It's the natural therapy with an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action; it stimulates the cartilage restoration and enhances the immune system, while it reestablishes minerals in tissues: it acts as a medicine, but a better one, having no potentially damaging collateral effects.

In this section we introduce you to the uniqueness, the proprieties, the therapeutic value of the Euganean Basin's mature Thermal Clay.
Precious information for your most precious attribute: health.

Visit our section Thermal Clay Leggi
acqua termale

The thermal waters of the Euganean Basin, a true source of health
They are ancient waters that flow underground after a long journey, and they are rich and beneficial »


Remedies against pain

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Fighting osteo-articular pains

This type of pain knows no age. As soon as it occurs it is important to identify the cause and take action early to avoid compromising permanently the balance of our osteo-articular system.


Bones and/or joint pains. A discussion with the physiatrist, for "team" therapy.
If you suffer from bone and/or joint pains, do not neglect it: early diagnosis is the first step to improvement and resolution of the problem. »


For the wellbeing of the cervical area
Kinesiotherapy in thermal water

The cervical part of the vertebral column is like a pillar that supports our head, a complex structure that is inevitably struck by many different disorders, both acute and chronic. »

dolori alla schiena

Back pain

If you suffer from back pain, you are in good company. It hits more frequently adults between the ages of 30 and 50, both because of the process of ageing and the sedentary life-style. Back pain, in fact, ranks second after headache in the list of the causes for job absence and the costs for health expenditure.


Back school: Back problems can be kept under control and be treated with physical activity. »


Back Pain: understand the causes to be able to prevent it »


Back pain, life partner:
how it arises, how to treat it »


Shoulder joints

are the most mobile in our body: they can complete a 360 degree rotation, if they are in good health. The pathologies related to shoulder joints often happen at a younger age (from 35 on) whereas degenerative processes such as osteoarthritis usually start to show after 60 years of age. Traumatic events such as fractures and damages strike all ages of people, often because of heavy sport and work activities.


Shoulder pains and postural reeducation
Re-educate the body and be aware of it: the word to the physiotherapist »


When the shoulder pain is referred
The osteopathic manual treatment to relief the disorder »


dolori anca

Hip: a joint subjected to great stress,
supporting and offloading the weight of our body, with balance, under stress and continuously »


I like or Ahh, that hurts?
Finger-folly" risks our thumbs »


Articulation-friendly diet:
Well-being of our joints and prevention of inflammation: let's talk at the table »


The effectiveness of therapy in thermal water

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acqua termale

Functional recovery in thermal water
Post-traumatic or post-surgery rehabilitation of the loco motor system in thermal water. »

acqua termale

Treatment of pain: The immersion in the Spring water of the Euganean Basin is particularly useful in alleviating muscle, bone and joint pain. »

acqua termale

Treatment of blood circulation problems Physical movement in spring water is helpful in soothing problems associated with poor venous circulation. »


The restorative effects
of thermal bath therapy »

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