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Thermal Clay®: that’s why it is one of a kind


The many benefits of the mud-balneotherapy


Mature Thermal Clay® against arthrosis


Faq: questions on mud therapy

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Thermal Clay®
is good for:

- Against ageing

- For sports lovers


Abano "Aponus"

- The city that takes away pain

Thermal Clay® and Mud therapy
For sportspeople, the importance of psycho-physical recovery

When we talk about sport, we often forget that, besides performance,
the previous training and an healthy diet, it is also
important to have a recovery phase after physical exercise,
during which the body recovers from effort
and restores energies.

When we talk about sport, we often forget that, besides performance, the previous training and an healthy diet, it is also important to have a recovery phase after physical exercise, during which the body recovers from effort and restores energies.

The Thermae are the ideal place for the post-activity recovery phase, because here sportspeople can rest

their body and mind and exploit the beneficial proprieties of thermal water and Thermal Clay®, in order to quicken the recovery time.

  fangoterapia per gli sportivi

Thermal Clay® as a therapy for psycho-physical recovery


Thermal Clay® stimulates our organism physically and psychologically.

Its heat favors the release of endorphins and produces relaxation and a sense of well-being.

The release of endorphins has a positive influence on the immune system, given the close link between it and the brain.

The reinvigorating power of Thermal Clay®permits a quick recovery of energy, and allows people to become stronger against infections and to prevent fatigue and overtraining syndromes.

Thermal Clay®helps us facing also the little joint problems which are not immediately evident, preventing us to contract possible future and more serious illnesses.

That’s why, after a stressful and busy period, even just one weekend at the Thermae can help us streamlining the recovery time.


The recovery phase is important not only for sportspeople, but also for all those who struggle everyday against stress, tensions, a frenetic life, since it is an essential element for keeping a good state of health.

recupero psicofisico

Matching massage therapy

Matching massage therapy and idrokinesi therapy sessions to mud therapy, means to work in synergy in order to quicken the psycho-physical re-balancing and reducing pain. What is more, exploiting these natural therapies as well as the skills of specialized staff to prevent functional disorders and painful symptoms, allows us to dedicate ourselves to physical activity with less risks.


Mud therapy against inflammations

Thermal Clay®is normally applied to the body at a temperature of 40/42°C. Even though heat might be contraindicated in case of inflammations, it is also true that it is actually the thermal shock which stimulates the organism to produce endogenous opioid substances with an analgesic effect; also, the active principles released by Thermal Clay®have an anti-inflammatory effect. Even in case of painful symptoms and/or osteon-articular pathology restricted to a particular area, the application of Thermal Clay®is usually extended to the whole body, in order to induce that global reaction of reactivation of the organism. Partial application (only on hands/feet, knees and/or elbows) of Thermal Clay®is done only to people whose pathologies don’t allow mud-balneotherapy.


Statistics show that a cycle of mud therapy reduces considerably the use of anti-inflammatory drugs in the following 6 months.


Talk about “Having adrenaline
into the body”

Many sports request an important focusing and an alert participation, both for the safety of people practicing them and in order to reach prefixed goals. The body reacts by releasing adrenaline rushes, which are used to improve the performance: the athlete acts/reacts immediately, with muscle contraction and pupil dilatation, and all the body’s energies are directed to the muscles involved in the action. Adrenaline makes you not feel pain: this is a double edged sword, because on the one hand, it allows you to finish the action, on the other it contributes compromising more an injury/trauma because the athlete doesn’t stop. When the adrenaline level decreases, pain and the consequent trauma are made manifest.

Elisa Bolognesi - Abano.IT
Dott. Adalberto Bertolini thanks, for the in depth information:

Dr. Adalberto Bertolini
Internal medicine specialist

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