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Home Thermal Clay®


Thermal Clay®: that’s why it is one of a kind


The many benefits of the mud-balneotherapy


Mature Thermal Clay® against arthrosis


Faq: questions on mud therapy

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Thermal Clay®
is good for:

- Against ageing

- For sports lovers


Abano "Aponus"

- The city that takes away pain

At the thermal resort to keep young

Thermal mud:

a treatment to slow structural ageing

How many times have you looked at the mirror, hypercritically, ready to fight against the signs of time with the help of the many products and treatments on the market? Paradoxically, we actually avoid actions on the structural ageing of our body, unless we are forced in that direction by pain and pathologies.

Our osteoarticular and muscular systems are especially subject to wear and loss of functionality and it is therefore necessary, starting from the age of 30, to put the same effort in cures and prevention to keep them young as we put in the fight against wrinkles.

This thought on the passing of time and the need to slow down biologic ageing makes us consider the thermal mud in Abano Terme as an anti-ageing treatment, a term which must be separated from the simple concept of beauty. Mud is a cure against ageing which is contemporary today more than ever, in spite of its thousand years old tradition. Let’s see why.

anti aging  

Mud means prevention
of biological ageing:

It helps avoid degenerative situations in the bones, stimulates metabolism, remineralizes skin and tissues, relaxes muscles and de-stresses the mind, facilitating a sensation of psycho-physical wellbeing in the human being in its global meaning, as a system.

Mud is an investment in middle
term health:

A cycle of six daily applications (10 or 12 are even better ) acts as reflex therapy with a number of nervous, muscular, circulatory and hormonal stimuli. This guarantees an improvement of life quality from six months to a year. Tens of thousands of people show it every year, as they go back to thermal resorts to undergo sessions of thermal cures.


Mud is an anti-stress treatment:

applied at a temperature of 40-45°C, it is works as a cure based on heating. The heat we administer in a slow but gradual way with the application of the mud has an important function in the relaxation of the muscles; the bromidic iodic salt minerals given up by the mud have a stimulating action on the muscle spindles, e.g. on those receptors we have on the skin and in the subcutaneous tissues, which induce vasodilation. Vasodilation brings more oxygen, more nourishment for the cells, more muscular relaxation and thus it lessens pain.


Mud is better than a medicine:

Because of the substances it contains, the thermal mud in Abano Terme has been recognized as a natural medicine. As such, mud is the only therapy which has pain relief and anti-inflammatory characteristics, with no collateral effects.

We are what we eat:

we are made of structures which tend to dry and crystallize, also because of an acidifying nutrition; our body tries to alkalinize (meat, sugars…) them but often with no positive results. Thus acid provokes irritation and degeneration at the level of connective and cellular tissue. If muscle bundles and tendons are not well hydrated they fill with toxins (free radicals) and dry.
This facilitates damages and breakings, which from an aesthetical point of view produce wrinkles and stasis of liquids (this being the most evident marks), whereas from a muscular point of view they cause tiredness and pain every time we use the muscles. Even a simple sharp movement can cause the breaking of tendons, a torn ligament or muscular laceration.
At the thermal resort in Abano you can chose a stay that combines thermal treatments to a diet planned for your needs: detoxifying, slimming and above all helping you to reprogram wrong nutritional behavior.


this is a more and more common pathology, which hits women between the ages of 25 and 55; the causes are not known, nor is it easy to diagnose because of the diffusion of muscular pain in different parts of the body, for the rigidity and the various related symptoms. Thermal resorts are suitable as a remedy to this pathology, because those who suffer from it can take it as a holiday time, and this reduces daily anxiety, stress and depression factors. Furthermore guests can enjoy the thermal center at the hotel, which offers multidisciplinary approaches: thermalism, physiatry, orthopaedics, nutrition, plus a tailor made therapy with qualified therapists and, a unique characteristic, the heat of water (35-37°C)and mud (40-45°C) help to alleviate pain.


Is there anything more relaxing
than a hot bath?

And what about a mud cover slowly releasing heat? Thermal mud helps us to eliminate anxiety and depression, which cause early ageing, when combined with yoga, foot reflexology, or techniques which functionally loosen your muscles by acting on the general relaxation mechanisms. Complex, complete and progressive thermal cures enable a person to slowly discharge tensions and acquire awareness on his/her wellbeing. This can be done in Abano, 12 months a year./p>

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